How to Use Your Link Building Team to Attract More Customers?

By December 24, 2015 SEO No Comments

The aspect of sales in digital marketing agencies can seem daunting and scary, especially for small to mid sized businesses. However, your link building team does much of the same type of work as a sales representative would, they may just not realize it. In this article, we’ll outline how to turn your link building team into an outbound sales team for your digital marketing business.

The process is pretty straightforward, all you need is a team of hard workers and a specific plan to start this process. First, you need to determine your ideal customer that your business is targeting. There are several criteria to consider when deciding what kind of customer your agency is looking for. This criteria includes: client location, goal of website, the company’s target audience, the company’s client worth, work performance, the type of technology the business is familiar with, and your point of contact. Once you have gone through the above criteria and determined your ideal client base, then you can begin creating a prospect list for SEO. This will allow you to use keywords to weed through the internet and find potential clients that fit your criteria.

Once you have a solid potential client list, you can then have your link builders track down contact info for each business. This can be time consuming and tedious but unfortunately there is no short cut to speed up this process. It may be helpful to research different strategies used to track down contact info to save your link builders time and energy. One useful tip: try utilizing tools such as BBB or LinkedIn (or any social media site) to find the info you are looking for. Oftentimes the bigger the company you are looking through, the easier this process is.

Link Building Team to Attract More Customers

You should aim to have about 1,000 businesses on your contact list. Once you’ve hit this goal you can begin reaching out to people. I wouldn’t recommend trying to offer your digital marketing services by cold-calling them. I have found this to be a huge waste of time as very rarely do you receive a favorable response. Instead try using one of the strategies listed below to spark potential clients’ interest.

  • Start a digital marketing newsletter. Invite everyone on your contact list to sign up.
  • Send their office flowers or a small gift basket for any obscure holiday and include your business card informing them of your services should they every need help.
  • Host an SEO and digital marketing event and invite local companies to attend.

These are just three suggestions to help you start brainstorming creative ways to reach out to potential clients. If you can think of any unique ways to make your digital marketing team stand out from the rest while gaining clients’ trust I’d say go for it. My best advice is to be diligent and creative in the ways in which you try to promote your business!