What Does Google Consider a Low Quality Website?

By December 17, 2015 SEO No Comments

It is fairly common knowledge that if Google does not consider your page to be of high quality that you are most likely not going to rank well in the search engine. So then, what makes a page low quality? For starters, if you have low quality content chances are your website will be categorized as a low quality site. Low quality content includes anything generated automatically or content taken from other sites.


If your content lacks expertise or does not provide sufficient information regarding its topic, then it will more than likely be treated as having low quality content. This is also true if your site is lacking in E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness). This is pretty self-explanatory, if your site does not have proper expertise, authority or trustworthiness in relation to its content it is at risk to becoming a low quality site to Google and not ranking in the search results.

Another rather obvious indicator of a low quality page is a negative reputation. We understand that every business will at some point get a negative review, but it is crucial for businesses to make sure that they receive as few negative reviews as possible for the sake of their site’s SEO. A good reputation online not only attracts more customers to your site but will also help your website excel in search engine optimization and climb the Google rankings with ease.

Lastly, a page that is not properly maintained or is confusing to navigate is at risk of being categorized as a low quality webpage. Webmasters should make sure that they are consistently updating and improving their page to make it more user-friendly. Having a confusing or complicated site not only will frustrate potential customers but can also hurt your chances of ranking well in the search results.

Having a high rank in Google is not necessarily difficult to accomplish, but it does require patience and diligence from webmasters. Ensuring that none of your webpages have any of the issues listed above is one of the first steps you should take to improve your rankings.