How Locating New Links Can Help Your Website

By December 17, 2015 SEO No Comments

In the world of SEO and digital marketing, few things are as complicated or daunting as tracking down all of the link data related to your website. However, if you are a webmaster looking to boost your site’s online presence, then you must have a plan to capitalize on all of the links related to your website. Below we’ve summarized the process of locating your link data and how to make the most of the information you find.

Locating New Links Can Help Your Website

First, you need to find link data using one of these sources: a backlink data provider, Google and Bing webmaster tools, Linkody, MOZ’s Fresh Web Explorer, Brand Mentions, Mention, Social Mention, Buzzsumo, and/or Google Alerts. Once you have exhausted all the options listed above, then you can try a more advanced source to help find any additional link data. My favorite is the Google Analytics Referral Report. By using this tool, you’ll be able to look through referral data and find links that may have not been picked up by the other sources mentioned.

After you’ve collected all possible links and entered them into a spreadsheet it is now time to remove all dead links. The best tool I’ve found to do this is called Screaming Frog. Screaming Frog is a great resource that will show you which links are dead so you can remove them from your master list. Now that you have compiled a list of live links, you now need to obtain your link metrics. Some SEO’s use tools such as Linkody to accomplish this while others use URLprofiler. Whichever you choose, once you have all your links and link metrics you’ll be able to capitalize on opportunities these links provide. Go through the list and see if there are any new contacts you may be able to get in touch with to discuss any possible future content creation or collaboration.

While it may seem daunting trying to track down all of your live links, hopefully the above information will give you a plan to help you start the process. Making the most of favorable links will help improve your SEO and ultimately direct more potential customers to your site.