Google Removes Local One Box Details From Search Results

Recently it has been noticed that Google no longer shows the details of the first result of local listings underneath the website address. Prior to this change, whenever a person would search for a local business, the first result always contained the address, phone number and other important details under the link to the website on the left hand side of the search results. Now, when a person searches for a local business, that section does not show up at all.

Google Removes Local One Box Details

For example, if a person is searching for a dry cleaners in the Indianapolis area, the first dry cleaning store that pops up will still have its local information posted on the right side of the Google results page, but will no longer have any additional information posted underneath its weblink on the left side. The impact this will have on local businesses has not yet been determined, but we predict it will not help or hurt any local companies. Additionally, there does not seem to be any other changes that have occurred in conjunction with the removal of the local one box details.


Although Google has not yet commented on this change, there have been many speculations as to why they would have removed this seemingly small part of the search results. Many people have noted that perhaps Google has removed this section to further consolidate results and to direct people to the Google Maps result found on the right hand side of the search results page.  Whatever the reason, it looks like this change is going to stay in place and is not a bug or error on Google’s part.

However, even if this change is permanent, it is a minor change and should not have a huge affect on overall user experience or on Search Engine Optimization in general.