How Your New Website Can Climb Google Rankings

By December 3, 2015 SEO No Comments

With the world of SEO getting stronger and more difficult to succeed in, it may seem almost impossible for an up and coming website to have a high ranking in Google. However, it can be done if you have the right strategies and utilize the proper tools to help your site get noticed by Google. In this article we’ll outline a few simple steps you can take to boost your website’s presence on Google!

First, you need to determine what keyword(s) you’d like to target. It is important to choose long tail keywords that contain at least four keywords. This will help narrow down your SEO and ultimately get you ranked on Google faster.


Next, you need to make sure you have a good website and CMS (content management system). A good website will have helpful and relative content that is backed by reliable sources. No amount of work you do for your website’s SEO will matter much if you have an uninformative, outdated or spam-filled website. It is also vital that you ensure that your mobile website is up and running properly. With the vast majority of people now choosing to surf the internet via their mobile device, it is more important than ever that your mobile site is easy to access and navigate.

You also need to be prepared to create a lot of content for your website! But not just any kind of content, informative and relevant content, and specifically long form content. Long form content will contain at least 2,000 words and will help your website climb Google rankings faster. Aim to create about 25 pages for your website of long form content that is filled with high-quality information.  Once your website is up, be sure to continually update it with fresh ideas and new material. The sites that rank the highest are the ones that are staying up to date and constantly adding new content to their pages.

Lastly, you need to make sure you are working hard to promote the content you’ve created. This means posting it on most if not all of the social media and sharing websites. These website include Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Climbing the Google rankings is not as difficult as it seems, even for a new website. You just need to be willing to work hard to promote your website by following the tips listed above!