Google’s Partnership with Yahoo and how it Changes SEO

Google has recently formed a partnership with Yahoo, leaving many users wondering how their websites will be affected by this change. For years Google has dominated the search engine world, but this partnership with Yahoo marks the beginning of a change in the way users interact with search engines.

This new deal arose after Yahoo and Bing renegotiated their partnership, freeing Yahoo to partner with other search companies. Now Yahoo has a deal with both Google and Bing, and they are now able to use either search engine to see which yields the best results and most lucrative ads.


However, this new partnership will have little effect on search results as a whole. If you search on any of these three major search engines, your results will look almost identical.  All this partnership really indicates is that Google is aware of the shift in search engine technology that has already started. We are moving towards a more platform-agnostic SEO and therefore Google is more willingly to give away search results and ad space to Yahoo.

This shift, however, should not have a huge effect on how you handle your personal SEO strategies; but you do need to be more aware of how you rank on other search engine sites, not just Google. This should make the SEO process more simple for you, as you will eventually only need to implement one set of strategies in order to ensure a high ranking on all the search engine websites.

This change could also have an effect on your paid advertisements, particularly through Google AdWords. This gradual shift could alter the costs of ads as well as change the demographics your ads target. Overall, this new partnership does not change much in the SEO world, but it does indicate that search engines are changing and becoming more platform-agnostic.