Common Questions Asked Regarding Google AdWords

Many people have questions regarding Google AdWords but few will ever have the opportunity to ask an AdWords representative personally. However, at a recent conference, individuals had the chance to ask their questions to AdWords product managers directly. Below we’ve summarized the top ten questions asked during the Q&A session as well as solutions to the problems brought to attention:

Multiple people were concerned about a notice stating “below first page minimum bid” when no substantial changes had been made to the account. However, it was explained that this message is popping up because of the recent changes made to AdWords that help improve the estimates for certain volume keywords. It is recommended that webmasters look over both their Auction Insights Report as well as their keywords’ performance to ensure their website maintains a high level of quality keywords.


Secondly, users wanted an explanation for the gradual increase in CPCs. There are many reasons as to why CPCs can increase over time, and in most cases the increase is unavoidable. However, brand keywords can cause your average to increase rapidly due to large gaps found between bids and CPCs.

There were also questions regarding mobile traffic and their conversion rates. Users wanted to know why their mobile traffic had a lower conversion volume than their desktop traffic. It was explained that many mobile users may be converting in non-traditional ways that may not register as normal AdWord conversions. It is recommended that webmasters check all conversions to get a more accurate understanding of mobile users’ conversions.

It was then noted that all metrics and search terms related to Google Play could be found in the normal reporting. You can also see what search words trigger your ad and make it visible to web-users. Next, users wanted to know how to exclude showing ads to potential clients that are outside of their target area. This is a simple solution that requires you to set your radius targeting to reach customers in a certain area.

The question as to what Google is doing to protect ad users from fraud and spam was brought to attention. It was explained that Google will not tolerate any invalid activity, and that many precautions are taken to ensure fairness in regards to search results and advertisements. For information regarding these procedures you can refer to their Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center.

The AdWords product managers were also asked to better explain how their automated bidding system calculates bids. Basically, automated bidding adjusts bids at the moment of the auction for each impression. Numerous signals are factored in to ensure your bid fits within the specific context. Every time your bid enters an auction this process is repeated. The AdWords employees then went on to better explained the pricing model for universal ad campaigns. These campaigns use a cost-per-install model, meaning that your entire budget can be used to get the maximum number of installs.

Google AdWord users also had a few questions regarding emails and email lists. They first wanted to know how they could directly upload their email lists into AdWords without sharing information with their agencies. It was explained that email lists could be uploaded directly to AdWords as long as users had access to their account. To help ensure the security of the information, users could apply the SHA-256 algorithm to the email addresses. It was also explained that any email address can be uploaded, and does not have to necessarily be a Gmail email account. Additionally, Customer Match will help users sort out customers that have a Google account affiliation.

While there were many questions answered throughout the course of this meeting, the questions/answers summarized above were found to be the most helpful.  We hope that the information provided in this article will help you better understand how Google AdWords operates.