Ever-Changing SEO

By November 4, 2015 SEO No Comments

It’s no secret that SEO is essential for a strong online presence for any website, but what many people don’t realize is how different good search optimization looks now than it did a few years ago.  No longer is it beneficial for a site to be loaded down with numerous keywords, in fact, that could actually hurt your website more than help it.

The way people search today for sites today has changed drastically from how they used to use Google and other various search engines. More and more people are typing in whole phrases or questions to find what they are looking for online which means that the keyword method has become almost obsolete.


A much more beneficial SEO strategy is creating informative and exciting content for your site without concerning yourself as much about working in different keywords.  It will be just as valuable in the long run if you create targeted content for your site rather than obsess over the exact words you use when creating the content.

Another overused SEO strategy is utilizing backlinks. Using too many backlinks can actually harm your site, especially if Google detects that the backlinks are coming from unrelated or bogus websites. Again, instead of focusing on having numerous backlinks, try to gain a following the natural way. Take advantage of social media websites and other sites related to yours to attract more potential customers.

Lastly, computers are being used less and less and it is vital for webmasters to recognize this and take appropriate actions. In fact, if your site doesn’t cater to mobile users, Google will either push it far down in the rankings or remove it completely. Try to cater your site to mobile device users by breaking content up into smaller sections and making your images smaller. This will make your site more pleasant to navigate on mobile devices and will ultimately help you climb Google rankings.

SEO is constantly changing, and so are the strategies to help make your website successful. My best advice is to stop obsessing over getting your site at the top of the rankings and start focusing on marketing towards your target audience. As you build a natural customer base, the high Google rankings will follow.