Younger Consumers More Likely to Engage in Reviews

By October 24, 2015 Reviews for SEO No Comments

A recent study of consumers in the Indianapolis area revealed that more and more people are reading online reviews of products and services prior to making a purchasing decision and they are also forming faster opinions based on the reviews they read. We already know that a good online reputation and positive reviews can determine whether or not consumers turn into customers, but this recent survey revealed that the age of the potential customer largely effects how they are influenced by online reviews.

Online Reviews


The consumers of this survey were grouped into 3 age brackets: 18-34, 35-54, and 55+. This survey of consumers in the Indianapolis area concluded that consumers in the 18-34 age bracket were far more likely to search for a local business online at least once per month.  However, studies show that consumers in all three age brackets are searching for local businesses online at least one time per month, affirming the importance of search engine optimization as well as a positive online reputation formed by favorable reviews. The survey also reported that the majority of consumers in all three age groups would consider themselves occasional online review readers.

Additionally, the younger the consumer, the more trust they put in the online reviews they read.  89% of consumers age 18-34 claimed that they trust the online reviews they read. Again, this should reaffirm to business owners and SEO’s alike the importance of  positive online reviews as it shows that these reviews are being read by consumers and can determine whether or not they decide to purchase from your company.

Lastly, this survey revealed that the majority of consumers still prefer to read online reviews on their PC rather than their mobile device.  62% of consumers ages 18-34 have read reviews on their mobile device and that percentage was significantly less for the older consumers. Again, this information is important for SEO companies and business owners to be aware of as they utilize search engine optimization and sort through their reviews from various review sites.