Common Issues Concerning Branded Content

By October 24, 2015 Content Marketing No Comments

While many issues can arise in regards to branded content, one of the biggest issues with branded content today is inconsistent branding. The problem with inconsistent branding is that it can be confusing and will give potential customers the impression that your business is unreliable. Consistent branding is crucial to ensure that potential customers view your brand as reliable and trustworthy.

Not only will inconsistent branding make your business seem unreliable, but it can also be a reflection of poor communication between employees and overall disorganization. The key is to find a balance between consistent branded content without being repetitive. Customers need to see new and exciting content that doesn’t deviate too much from the main idea you are trying to market.



Additionally, choosing what type of content to post can be difficult and oftentimes companies struggle with deciding between quality or quantity in regards to the content they market. However, both the quality of the content as well as the volume of content being posted are important. High quality content in non-negotiable, and must be the first priority when choosing your content. Businesses need to focus on providing customers with fresh, innovative, and interesting content before worrying about the amount of content being posted.

Therefore, as far as quantity is concerned, businesses need to first focus on quality of content and consistency prior to increasing the overall volume of content being posted.  Utilizing the best content and exhausting all possible options for said content before posting new information is very important. Once you’ve repurposed your high quality content and have used it to its fullest extent, you can then begin to focus on increasing the overall amount of content being posted. Remember, repurposing high quality content should always be your top priority.

That being said, unfortunately, many people will post content one time and then never utilize it again. This is a common mistake made far too often by those publishing the content. If it was good enough to post once, then it is good enough to use on all digital marketing outlets, and, there is no harm in repurposing content in order to get the largest return possible.

It is also important to note that creating good content isn’t just for the larger brands, as smaller brands can thrive in digital marketing with a little ingenuity. Many smaller brands work on a much tighter budget than that of their larger counterparts and therefore need to be more resourceful when dealing with their content marketing. Its important for smaller brands to be aware of which mediums will give them the biggest return with the least amount of effort on their part. Utilizing certain outlets such as private blog networks can provide smaller brands with a greater return than some of the more popular digital marketing tools such as Instagram.