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SEO and Changes in Google

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According to multiple SEOs, webmasters, and automated web-ranking tools, Google is gearing up to make some big changes to their ranking algorithm. Numerous SEOs noticed a significant increase in the amount of changes Google made to their ranking system last weak, suggesting that a big change could be happening in the near future.


Some have speculated that these changes could be related to the Google Panda 4.2 update while others believe this upcoming transition is not Panda related at all. Google has not commented on the changes being made which leaves many to wonder what adjustments are being made to the current algorithm. However, the updates that have been made thus far have been minor and may not necessarily point to a larger change being made in the future. Some people suggest that both updates made in the past few weeks (October 14-15 and October 20-21) could have both been Panda related, as it is known to be a slow update that is resulting in an even slower roll out.

While Google has yet to comment on the changes themselves, Gary Illyes did explain that the algorithm undergoes hundreds of changes and that Google cannot confirm updates made to it.

Regardless of the updates made to the algorithm, even minor changes like the ones we’ve seen these past few weeks confirm the necessity of search engine optimization.  Professional SEO companies work hard to stay up to date with the latest changes made by Google and adjust their tactics in order to ensure your website stays at the top of Google rankings despite the ever changing Google algorithm.  It is now more important than ever for companies to stop trying to handle their SEO on their own and hire professionals who can deliver the best possible results. Your website will experience a substantial growth in traffic when you decide to employ the services of a professional SEO business.

How Bad Backlinks Can Hurt Your Business

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Backlinks are one of the main tools utilized by SEO companies to help boost a website’s ranking in Google. While most backlinks can be highly beneficial, certain ones can actually do more harm than good, and some can even get you in trouble with Google. This article will better explain what exactly bad backlinks are and how you can effectively recover from them with minimal repercussions.

Bad Backlinks

Bad backlinks are oftentimes created by questionable SEO companies in order to try and trick the Google algorithm and have their website climb in rankings. However, Google is aware of bad backlinks and will place your website under manual action if they discover your website has been utilizing them. Once you are placed under manual action, your website will either be demoted in the rankings or removed completely from search results.

They want the best information available to users to appear at the top of Google, so if they find out that you are using bad backlinks in order to promote your website, they will automatically penalize you. Unfortunately, some SEO experts will use bad backlinks in an effort to hinder opponents’ websites. They will connect bad backlinks to the websites of their competitors so that Google will notice and place them under manual action. This can happen to anyone, and we want you to know what actions to take if it happens to you!

To find out if your site is under manual review all you need to do is go to your Google Console and click on “Search Traffic” then “Manual Actions”. Remember, there are a variety of types of manual actions, and the one we are focusing on is entitled “unnatural links to your site—impact links”.

Although this type of action Google takes against the links themselves, not your website you still need to get rid of all of the bad backlinks connected to your site. We’ve provided a few steps you can take to get rid of all of the bad backlinks.

First, you must compile a list of all the backlinks connected to your website. If you used an SEO company, make sure you inform them that you are collecting links, as they can help you during this process. Now you must sort through the links to determine which ones are hindering your website. Bad links can be characterized by a number of different qualities. They include websites that have no reason to link to you, that are off topic, or in another language.

To get rid of these links you must either take them down yourself (if you can), hire someone to take them down for you, or contact the webmaster responsible for the bad backlinks. If you are able to get all of the bad links removed, great! Google will recognize this and should remove any manual action. However, if you are unable to get them all down, it may take a while for Google to remove you from manual review. My best advice is to keep trying to get all the links removed if you can. Google will see that you’ve been working on removing the bad links and will oftentimes remove the manual action.
Being put under manual review when you’ve done nothing wrong can be frustrating, but with a little work on your end you can hopefully get any manual action removed!

3 Ways an SEO Can Help Your E-Commerce Website

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what separates successful online businesses from the unsuccessful ones.  There’s no question of the benefits utilizing an SEO company can bring to your online business. In this article we’ve provided you with three ways an SEO can increase profits for your E- Commerce website.

E-Commerce SEO Tips

First, SEO can help potential customers find you when they use search engines such as Google. Being satisfied with mediocre rankings in Google is not only hurting your website but is also helping your competition stay ahead of you. SEO can help you climb the rankings in various search engines, ensuring that more and more potential customers find your business. Studies show that 89% of customers make use of some sort of search engine when making an online purchase. That is a large amount of potential customers that can either make their purchases from you or your competitors.

Secondly, SEO is one of the most affordable ways to grow your business. Instead of buying ads or paying for more visits to your site, SEO guarantees an increase in your website traffic at no cost to you. That means even when money is tight, you can rest assured that your website is still getting a steady flow of traffic and that your profits will remain relatively the same.

Lastly, SEO’s results will endure the test of time, ensuring consistent website traffic for years to come. Unlike paid advertisement, Search Engine Optimization won’t reset at the end of the year or stop working when you stop paying. SEO is free and the results are buildable, meaning they won’t expire over time. Your business will continue to grow, and the longer you utilize SEO the better your results will be.

The most effective way to take advantage of all of the benefits Search Engine Optimization has to offer, I would recommend hiring a professional SEO company. An SEO company can help your business set a plan for the goals you want to reach and find the most effective ways to get your website at the top of all search engine rankings.  Bottom line, if you want your online business to continue to grow and be successful, you need to use search engine optimization to get your site at the top of search engine rankings.

Common Issues Concerning Branded Content

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While many issues can arise in regards to branded content, one of the biggest issues with branded content today is inconsistent branding. The problem with inconsistent branding is that it can be confusing and will give potential customers the impression that your business is unreliable. Consistent branding is crucial to ensure that potential customers view your brand as reliable and trustworthy.

Not only will inconsistent branding make your business seem unreliable, but it can also be a reflection of poor communication between employees and overall disorganization. The key is to find a balance between consistent branded content without being repetitive. Customers need to see new and exciting content that doesn’t deviate too much from the main idea you are trying to market.



Additionally, choosing what type of content to post can be difficult and oftentimes companies struggle with deciding between quality or quantity in regards to the content they market. However, both the quality of the content as well as the volume of content being posted are important. High quality content in non-negotiable, and must be the first priority when choosing your content. Businesses need to focus on providing customers with fresh, innovative, and interesting content before worrying about the amount of content being posted.

Therefore, as far as quantity is concerned, businesses need to first focus on quality of content and consistency prior to increasing the overall volume of content being posted.  Utilizing the best content and exhausting all possible options for said content before posting new information is very important. Once you’ve repurposed your high quality content and have used it to its fullest extent, you can then begin to focus on increasing the overall amount of content being posted. Remember, repurposing high quality content should always be your top priority.

That being said, unfortunately, many people will post content one time and then never utilize it again. This is a common mistake made far too often by those publishing the content. If it was good enough to post once, then it is good enough to use on all digital marketing outlets, and, there is no harm in repurposing content in order to get the largest return possible.

It is also important to note that creating good content isn’t just for the larger brands, as smaller brands can thrive in digital marketing with a little ingenuity. Many smaller brands work on a much tighter budget than that of their larger counterparts and therefore need to be more resourceful when dealing with their content marketing. Its important for smaller brands to be aware of which mediums will give them the biggest return with the least amount of effort on their part. Utilizing certain outlets such as private blog networks can provide smaller brands with a greater return than some of the more popular digital marketing tools such as Instagram.

Younger Consumers More Likely to Engage in Reviews

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A recent study of consumers in the Indianapolis area revealed that more and more people are reading online reviews of products and services prior to making a purchasing decision and they are also forming faster opinions based on the reviews they read. We already know that a good online reputation and positive reviews can determine whether or not consumers turn into customers, but this recent survey revealed that the age of the potential customer largely effects how they are influenced by online reviews.

Online Reviews


The consumers of this survey were grouped into 3 age brackets: 18-34, 35-54, and 55+. This survey of consumers in the Indianapolis area concluded that consumers in the 18-34 age bracket were far more likely to search for a local business online at least once per month.  However, studies show that consumers in all three age brackets are searching for local businesses online at least one time per month, affirming the importance of search engine optimization as well as a positive online reputation formed by favorable reviews. The survey also reported that the majority of consumers in all three age groups would consider themselves occasional online review readers.

Additionally, the younger the consumer, the more trust they put in the online reviews they read.  89% of consumers age 18-34 claimed that they trust the online reviews they read. Again, this should reaffirm to business owners and SEO’s alike the importance of  positive online reviews as it shows that these reviews are being read by consumers and can determine whether or not they decide to purchase from your company.

Lastly, this survey revealed that the majority of consumers still prefer to read online reviews on their PC rather than their mobile device.  62% of consumers ages 18-34 have read reviews on their mobile device and that percentage was significantly less for the older consumers. Again, this information is important for SEO companies and business owners to be aware of as they utilize search engine optimization and sort through their reviews from various review sites.

How to Get a Search Box to Appear in Your Site’s Search Results

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Many people wonder how to get a search box to appear within the sitelinks when someone searches for their website. Thankfully, the answer to this question is quite simple as the problem is easy to fix. A search box will appear when someone searches for your website with the word “website” added to the brand name or when they search for the website with its top-level domain included (i.e. .com, .de, etc.).

A search box can help bring valuable traffic to your website as it allows users to search within your website without having to visit the actual website. It is important to note, however, that when a person uses the search box that appears with the sitelinks, another Google page will pop up with the search results, not results from the actual publisher’s website.

So why is it important for a search box to pop up when people Google your website? A search box can help people sort through information prior to visiting your site, and therefore improving their overall experience. There’s no point for a user to visit your website only to discover that it does not have the information they were looking for. A search box allows users to look through the information contained on your website without any of your competitor’s links getting in the way. In fact, studies have shown that there is a slight increase in website visits due to use of the search box, about 0.05% to be exact.  Additionally, having the search box pop up among your site links does help boost your website’s apparent credibility.

So then how can you ensure that the search box pops up when people Google your business’ website? All you need to do is make sure that your website has its own search tool and then add this Schema code to the HTML of your homepage.  Make sure your switch out the “url” and “target” examples to your own URL.


< script type=”application/ld+json”>


“@context”: “”,

“@type”: “WebSite”,

“url”: “”,

“potentialAction”: {

“@type”: “SearchAction”,

“target”: “{search_term_string}”,

“query-input”: “required name=search_term_string”



< /script>


Unfortunately, if your website does not generate enough traffic from branded navigational search then it is unlikely that this will work, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try! If having a search box appear when people Google your company is very important to you and the method listed above does not work, then you might want to consider utilizing the help of an SEO company to boost your website’s traffic. A good SEO company will be able to help you get your company  listed higher on Google, resulting in more traffic for your website and ultimately the addition of a search box within your sitelinks.