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How Link Attraction is Becoming King of SEO

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A new dawn has been coming to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for over a year now that is revolutionizing how websites create and optimize their link building process.

Creating content and link wheeling it throughout the search engines back to your main website has always been the foundation of good SEO for the past decade. This fundamental SEO technique has been simply called “link building” by the online marketing community. However, effectiveness of link building seems to be changing more and more from quantity of links to increasing the quality of your links in order to get your site ranked quickly, and without getting penalized by the search engines.

The new method that has emerged over the past year is a process called “link attraction.” This new strategy is much different, because you are trying to “attract” users to your content, as opposed to just throwing links out there that have no relevancy to the Internet searcher that stumbles upon them.

The search engines are becoming smarter about how to get rid of spammers and trying to avoid having organic listings be determined by gurus good at gaming the algorithms, or having a high roller who wants to bank roll massive ad campaigns to get them to the top page rankings. Instead search engines like Google and Yahoo are moving their algorithms to detect content that is being read, watched, and shared in high volume around high authority sites and blogs to determine how much they should value the content, and the website that the content is linking to.

This is where excellent opportunities are available for online marketers and websites who not only want to rank quickly for keywords, but protect their link creation system and control it. Every day, thousands of domains go on to expire, many of which Google consider very valuable and authoritative in certain niches for specific keywords and phrases.

What you can do to maximize on this opportunity is to actually scoop up and purchase these expired domain names and websites, and then link them to your own “mother” site. Google, Yahoo, and Bing love this system because when you have an old domain with high authority, and they respect it much more than new content that is being created on new domains with less authoritative online sources.

The opportunities from this new system is endless and you can literally dominate any market niche very quickly when you know what sites to purchase and how to utilize those sites in your link wheeling system. Millennial Tech Services can help you with this process and get your website way out ahead of the competition and start adding online value to your website. So feel free to reach out to us here and we would love to show you how you can get the maximum value out of this new link attraction method. Until we connect, take it easy my friends!